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Seat Cushions

Put some padding in your seat with our custom-designed seat cushions!

The only thing worse than an uncomfortable chair, is an ugly uncomfortable chair. So if your seat cushions are looking a little drab or lumpy, then let us revitalise them for you.

At Furnishing Services, we make and recover all types of seat cushions – either piped or plain and in your choice of fabric – either from our extensive range, or you can supply your own.

What’s more, no longer do you need to be afraid of random spills or stains, all our seat cushions designed with zippers to allow for easy laundering.

Plus, to ensure that your seat is the most comfortable in the house, we wrap all our cushions in dacron, which takes off the hard edge, giving you firm but snug feel.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you to design the most comfortable seat cushions for your chairs.